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Thread: ZenonRT hangs

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    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your advice.
    I just checked the runtime with driver "simulation static" - and it hangs. So the problem is not the problem with OPC. Another screens, that have much more variables with OPC driver, open properly without hang.
    Also I created other new screens to replace problem screens, but it didn`t help.

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    Hi croc,

    When you send a project backup to your local support, they may be able to have a look as to why this is happening.

    One obvious reason that you perhaps could check is wether you have linked a function "screen switch" to the screen "a" at the start function of the screen "a" thus creating an endless loop

    Best regards,

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    I solved the problem with hanging screens. I changed the combi and multibin to button with visibility. It`s very strange, however on the other screens of this project the elements (combi and mutibin) work properly.


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    martins Gast

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    glad you could solve your problem yourself

    One thing that comes to my mind - did you check for variables that are linked to your combined element that are not available anymore? Any functions linked to the combined element that could result in an endless loop? If you're setting a value of a variable: any function linked to a possible limit violation that may lock the runtime?

    still I think it would be a good idea to send a project backup of yours (a faulty one) with a short description how to reproduce this to your local support so we can analyze if it is a problem with the combined / multibin element in a specific situation or if it's something else.

    best regards,

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