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    When I start zenon runtime i get an error saying initialising straton runtime was failed (refer attachment).
    I have not configured any redundancy and i have only one straton project in this particular zenon project. When i go to straton workbench and try to manually start straton runtime it gives communication error even though the zenon runtime is active!
    Please suggest how to overcome this error.
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    Normally, this message appears if there is already one straton (zenon Logic) runtime instance started and you try to start the same instance a second time. Are you sure there isn’t any zenon Logic instance already running under the same port? You can see a “z” icon on windows taskbar (bottom right) to confirm it.

    For example, if you have configured in zenon workspace to zenon Logic runtime start (start/stop) automatically, start zenon runtime and then you try to start the zenon Logic runtime manually this will trigger this type of message.

    To resolve this conflict and if you want to start manually zenon Logic runtime, you must set zenon Logic Start type to Start manually in zenon Logic project Runtime properties and then start zenon Logic runtime manually.

    By the way, how are you starting manually zenon Logic runtime from the zenon Logic workbench? You mean zenon Logic Runtime manager?

    Best regards,
    David cerdeira
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    I am sure that no other zenon logic instance is running.
    I changed the settings to runtime start type "start manually" and then during runtime I went to the straton workbench and tried to download the logic manually and got "communication error" (refer attachment). This error should only come if the runtime is not active. But I am getting the error even when runtime is running. Can you please tell me what might be the problem here?
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    Did you check the logfiles from the diagnosis server using the diagnosis viewer as suggested in the first error message? (see the zenon online help for more information on the diagnosis server / diagnosis viewer)

    It can be that you have configured e.g. port 1200 / 9000 (default) for the zenon logic runtime, but there is another application on your PC that is already using port 1200 or 9000 (opened a TCP listening socket on port 1200 / 9000). This is one scenario where this error message can occur.

    If you suspect that this may be the case, you can use the program "tcpview" from Microsoft (sysinternals) to have a list of all TCP ports that are currently in use on your system. Locate port 1200 and port 9000 and check what application is already using this port.

    A reboot of the PC can resolve such an issue, when the application that is using it dynamically uses a different port, however in such cases it may be necessary to make some configuration to prevent this from happening again.

    Alternatively, you can try and change to a different port for your zenon logic, e.g. 1201 and 9001 instead of 1200 and 9000.

    Best regards,

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    I changed the port numbers. Its working. Thank you !!

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