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    I am using zenon 6.51.

    I have following question. Is it possible to use the RGM without the recipe table. The idea is as follows: I want to have a picture which represents the machine and on this picture I want to have the parameters (recipe values) which changes with recipe.
    Can be the idea realized with zenon and on which points I need to be careful?


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    Yes, you can also work without the recipe table and use variables in the screen with recipe group manager. There are two ways this can be done, the more elegant way using shadow variables is available from zenon 7.00

    While it is possible with zenon 6.51 for each recipe variable in the recipe to use the "link with PV" action in the recipe group manager, and link a source variable, and on execution of the recipe write the value from the source variable to the recipe variable, the recipe group manager in zenon 7.00 offers a better functionality for this. In 6.51 the recipe as such is not modified, and only at the moment when you write the recipe the corresponding values are written directly to the PLC.

    In zenon 7, with each recipe variable you can link a shadow variable. The recipe group manager function is enhanced with the option "read from shadow" and write to shadow, which allows you to have a normal recipe group manager recipe, that can be modified from the shadow variables, and then saved, or the other way around can write the shadow variables with the recipe values.

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