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Thread: Extended Trend parameters

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    Default Extended Trend parameters


    I would like to display the extended trend of each variable of my project, by clicking on the symbol related to each variable.

    I have defined, for each symbol, a shortcut function Screen Switch - Trend, which always opens the same extended trend picture, with the right variable and axis already selected.

    The Trend picture shows all the curves available in the Listbox, so you can add the other curves to the chart, and here there is my problem:

    if I want to correct some parameters of the curves (such as the Scale limits of the Y axis) I have to do it by hand for each function Screen Switch - Trend for each curve: since I have about 50 curves I need to make tousands modifies which is time consuming and it would leads to errors for sure.

    I would like to univocally modify the properties of a curve in all the functions.
    I have tried by manipulating the xml export of the functions, whitout success.

    Is there a smart way to handle this situation?

    Thank you!

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    Hi fabio79,

    Via XML export, external editing, and XML import this should be possible.

    You can use a text editor like Notepad++ or XML Notepad, to search and replace the necessary corrections, and then import the file again. You don't need to do this for each function separately, you can select all functions that need modification and XML export all these functions into one XML file.

    Another way is to create a small VBA / VSTA macro for the zenon editor, which checks all functions if they are of a screen switch type to the trend screen, and then checks all configured curves, and sets the proper scale settings for the Y axis display.

    Please note, that some settings are not considered or avaialable until another option is activated. In the user interface this is clear as the option is not available or disabled, however in XML or the programming interface this is not as obvious.

    Setting an option in the .XML file may save this setting, but it is not considered becaus perhaps another setting also needs to be modified for the first modification to take in effect.

    Setting a specific option in the programming interface may result in an error if the option activating this option is not activated first.

    One other thing you may try is export the curve settings into a *.drg file directly at the dialog where you configure the curves, and import this file at the other functions. However, I'm not sure if this ideal for your situation.


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    Default Re: Extended Trend parameters

    I managed to write a VBA macro (the properties I had to modify were too spread out in the XML export..)
    Thank you for the suggestions!


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