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Thread: WPF Usercontrol & .Net Framework Version

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    Idee WPF Usercontrol & .Net Framework Version


    I would like to create WPF custom controls. Which .Net framework version is supported? Is it possible to import other libraries?



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    Hi stefan.maus,

    Yes, you can also use custom controls. (WPF user control library project type) You need to set the target framework to .NET 3.5. You can also import and use other libraries.

    For a WPF user control library you need to modify your XAML file accordingly and add the namespace of your user controls and references to the classes.

    See the online help in the chapter Screens -> Elements for more information, e.g. where to insert your XAML file and your compiled custom assemblies into the project, or contact your local support for more information!

    Best regards,

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