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Thread: DNP commands

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    I have to use DNP pulse commands , how we can configure the same in Zenon 6.51 SP0. DNP3 slave needs pulse commands.


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    you can find this information in the driver documentation.

    With the current DNP3 driver, create a binary output with the datatype USINT (instead of a normal binary) and write a value "1" for PULSE_ON and a value "2" for PULSE_OFF

    With a later build for 6.51 the pulse on time and pulse off time have been made configurable in the driver configuration. You can search the knowledge base on our service site for e.g. "pulse" for more information regarding the configurable time.

    I hope this is helpful

    Best regards,

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    Now upgraded the project to 7. I can configure the pulse timing. But how will issue the commands. Shall we need to use any logic for that?


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    The pulse duration configuration would also have been available with a build for 6.51. Anyway, in my opinion the update to zenon version 7 is definitely worthwile regardless

    You don't need any logic for this. The pulse command issueing is handled by the driver.

    Did you check the driver help I mentioned?

    Basically there are two ways of issueing pulse commands. One way is using command processing in the zenon energy edition, and use the qualifier of command. With a boolean binary output, with the value "1" for the qualifier of command, you can issue a pulse command (value "0" would be latch)

    The other way is by creating a USINT binary output, and write the value "1" to this variable for the driver to initiate a pulse on command.

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    I am using 7 Supervisor edition. Still my DNP3 commands are not working

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    When you only write "commands are not working" it is too little for us to know what is going on by you, don't you think?

    Please do what Mark described:
    - make sure the command variable - binary output - has data type USINT. Additionally check that this variable has the same signal area and the measuring range. You can use (default) 0..255.
    - set to this variable value 1 to send PULSE ON or value 2 for PULSE OFF.

    What happens then? What you see in log/Wireshark, in zenon and in Outstation?

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