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Thread: VB script bug on client

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    Default VB script bug on client

    Dear Sirs!

    Ihave problem with starting application on client machine. Configuration of SCADA is 1 server 1 client. It's an older project created in zenon 6.01 sp2. Everything is worked properly until system crashing because of power loss in buliding. After this crash, application on server is work normally, but on client after start appears one window with next message: "Object variable or with block variable not set (Error 91)". When I open the debugger, there is a VB script that copying value from one variable to another.
    The script contains just the following command:
    thisProject.Variables.Item("Variable1").Value = thisProject.Variables.Item("Variable2").Value
    Variables are not internal variables.
    This script is defined in project as script that only executing on server. Script is executing on changing one bool variable, on limit2.
    How can I fix this problem with starting client?
    Thank you!
    Albert Nemet
    Novi Sad
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