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Thread: Opening a folder in zenon runtime

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    Default Opening a folder in zenon runtime


    I want to open a folder in runtime without minimizing or closing the runtime. Just like when we open any program during runtime. Minimizing or closing the runtime is not acceptable according to the requirements of the customer. Do provide a detailed procedure for doing so.

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    Default AW: Opening a folder in zenon runtime

    take a look into the predefined functions (category: windows). there you will find a function called "start program" where you can link *.exe, *.bat, .. aso).


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    Default Re: Opening a folder in zenon runtime


    I have a folder in the network called datalog containing multiple log files in .txt format. Is it possible to open the folder contents in zenon? For example, just like in windows , in Zenon runtime, I would like to see all the log files when I open the folder. And hence can open the required log file.

    I am not very sure as to how to implement it using the function windows ---> start program ----> .exe , bat extentions. method as mentioned in your post.

    Can you please suggest a solution for the same.

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Opening a folder in zenon runtime

    Using the function Windows -> Start a program, you can launch the Windows Explorer executable, and as a parameter of the function, pass the file path you wish to open. See below screenshot.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Start_Explorer.png  

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    A possible solution is to create an HTML screen and in the configuration window you can assign to open the desired folder.

    To do that, you need to create a new screen (HTML screen type) and a switch screen function. In the confuguration window you can define which folder you want to open in the Runtime.



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    Default Re: Opening a folder in zenon runtime

    Thanks very much. It's working perfectly.

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    Default Re: Opening a folder in zenon runtime

    Hi again,

    This is in continuation to the above query. Through zenon I would like to open a file stored in a Windows CE system (that is in the Network). The file is placed in a ftp folder. If I try opening it in'My Computer' of my PC, I need to type in "" and I can access the same. But I did the same in zenon & it didnt work.

    Can you please advise how to access the file.

    Many thanks


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