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Thread: IEC101/104 server

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    Default IEC101/104 server

    I designed Zenon as HMI control center, and others PLC controler connected via IEC61850.
    Now my custumer require HMI software has to provide gateway controller to connect to Region Dispatching Center( as Scada system). The communication protocol need to be provided are IEC 60870-05-104 and IEC 60870-05-101.
    Please tell me how to do ?? which zenon software has 101/104 server?
    Triangle Microworks can be a solution ?

    Best Regards!

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    Default Re: IEC101/104 server

    zenon Process Gateway iec870 Slave.

    It is additional application (delivered with zenon) you can start on any PC where zenon Runtime is running. Over Process Gateway you can provide variables from your zenon project to other system - on another communication protocol.

    For example, you can configure a zenon variable */XCBR/Pos/stVal[ST] from iec850 driver to be provided from Process Gateway iec870 Slave as T31 - "double point information with time tag CP56Time2a". Similar you can configure the command direction.

    Process Gateway has its-own licence.

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    Default Re: IEC101/104 server

    I can not work without module license.
    How can it work in demo mode?


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    Default AW: IEC101/104 server

    Hi Skywalker.

    zenon automatically starts in demo mode if no license number is given. So if you want to start demo mode simply remove your license number using the LizenzKND tool. You will find it in the tool section of the startup tool.

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    I have dongle usb for zenon runtime , but I have tried with Zenon process gateway but it did not work. So that it has own license.
    I unflug dongle key and runtime will ask to work on demo mode. But zenon process gateway still did not work, it ask about license.
    So I mean Can zenon process gateway had another key for demo mode.?


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    Hi Skywalker,

    Please contact your local sales representative for more information on the process gateway and pricing and update options for your current license.

    When you want to try out zenon you can install the zenon editor on a fresh system, and the process gateway will be included in the demo mode.

    Best regards,

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