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Thread: Beckhoff PLC comms failed alarm

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    mattsd Gast

    Default Beckhoff PLC comms failed alarm

    Hello ,

    I am using the Beckhoff TwinCat NG driver communicating to a Twincat on a CE unit.

    How do I get a comms OK status bit from the ZenOn driver so that I can raise an alarm when I have lost comms with the PLC?



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    every variable in zenOn not just only has a value and a timestamp, but also several status-bits. One statusbit, I-BIT, is set for all variables who do not have a communication to the PLC anymore, or can not be read from the PLC (no longer available, e.g. due to deletion in the PLC program)

    You can create a Rema (in the project-tree below the variables) to react on the status "I-BIT" = 1, and execute a function or generate an alarm.

    After creating the reaction matrix, link it at one variable which you know for sure is in the PLC, at the "limits" section in the properties window for this variable. When the communication gets interrupted the I-BIT will be "1" after the driver time-out

    See attached screenshots:

    Attachment 49

    Attachment 50
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