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    I have folowing problem. On my RGM screen I have two recipe groups which belongs to two independent machines. With help of System variable "Last written standard recipe/RGM recipe" I get the last downloaded recipe not concerned the recipe group.

    My question is how can I get the last downloaded recipe separatly for each recipe group?


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    From zenon 7.0, in addition to the system driver variables, you can now also define group specific feedback variables for each group seperately.

    In earlier versions you could add a dummy internal variable to the group, and write a group-specific value in the recipes of each group. Based on the recipe, and the value of the group specific variable, you can determine which recipe of which group was last written.

    Of course you could also use prefixes in the recipenames for the groups, indicating the group the recipes belong to.

    You will find that in zenon 7.0, apart from the group feedback variables, there are many more new features for the recipe group manager!

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