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Thread: Play back data historical

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    Can I do with zenon energy version to play back historical data ?
    I want to display historical information from system via chart, trends, data tables and graphical also to make a video playback the fault happened ( CB status, trip indication ...)

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    Default AW: Play back data historical

    This is not possible by now but there exists already an requirement to implement this in a future version of zenon (unfortunately a timeline when this feature will be implemented can't be given by now).


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    Hi Skywalker,

    Although a true "replay" functionality does not exist yet, you can replay certain fault conditions from archived data, using the optional "runtime simulation" module.

    With the runtime simulation, you can restart the runtime in simulation mode. At this point there is no external communication or archive evacuation, but the whole runtime is still functional, with the drivers running in programmed simulation mode. (you can create your own logic)

    When switching to the simulation mode, you have the choice to use only the current values as a simulation image, or also include the current alarms, events and archived values.

    With the archived values, you could create a simple VBA macro that in simulation mode, writes the archived values from the archive to the variables (in programmed simulation, no communication to the PLC) in order to replay the scenario.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Mark
    Thanks for your reply.
    Regards mater "play back historical", I still do not quiet understand. Could you give me a small project, ex : only play back only 1 variable ( CB status..)?

    Thanks and regards.

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    Hi Skywalker,

    Unfortunately I don't have a sample project at hand. The idea basically is to use VSTA to develop a small "replay tool" that allows the user to set a start and end time, and read the values from a spontaneous archive for each relevant variable, and in VSTA create a list of set value actions that are executed at the time of the archived value, when the user runs the runtime in simulation mode.

    Best regards,

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