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    I have a question cocncerning recipe list. All columns of the recipe list are freely configurable, but after a screen switch are on recipe list always the same predefined columns. Is it possible to save this configuration. I want that the column Identification will be always shown.


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    Hi scadavmesnik,

    Welcome to the forum

    I think what you've done is dynamically change the columns in the screen, after the screen has been opened. This is possible of course, but only temporary, as long as the screen is open.

    The screen switch function defines what is shown in the screen, and e.g. which columns are active. When you execute the screen switch function another time, the screen is closed and reopend, with the parameters that are defined at the screen switch function.

    In your case, it makes sense to change the screen switch function that opens the RGM screen, to make it display the column "identification".

    However, it is also possilbe to save changes to the filter / column settings in the runtime, through the "rt profiles" function.

    After you have changed the column settings, you can save a RT profile on a per-user basis, which you can load at any time later, or automatically as a default profile, e.g. when a user is logged in.

    See the online help on runtime profiles for more information.


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    Hello markclemens

    Thank you very much for your immediate answer. I've tried and it's working.

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