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    I installed zenon V6.50 and V6.51 in my PC and I tested by creating RT files to V6.51 first, then Rt files for V6.50 with different wsb files respectively. Then, I opened V6.51 again and try to open the wsp6 file of the RT folder that I first created. But it always open the recent RT files (V6.50) that I created. Is there any solution on how to seperate the 2 files and I can choose to open only the RT file version that I need?

    Another problem is that the "Senon Startup Tool" is missing during installation. How to solve this problem? Where to get the seperate software for this?


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    I just found the solution. no need to reply on this thread. Thanks.

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    Great to hear that you found a solution

    Perhaps you would like to share your solution here for others that have the same issue?

    Normally, the zenon startup tool is not uninstalled when uninstalling zenon. (it is used by multiple zenon versions)

    The startup tool is installed in the c:\program files (x86)\common files\COPA-DATA folder.

    The runtime files by default are created in a sub-directory of the workspace file. You can either use two different workspaces (and create two different entries in the startup tool) or you can specify the folder for the runtime files explicitely at the project properties.

    Best regards,

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