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Thread: Unhandled exception during variables download

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    Default Unhandled exception during variables download


    I am quite a new Zenon user and I currently started creating project for visualisation with Beckhoff CX1020 PLC. Everything is going well, until I'm trying to download variables from the controller. I'm entering AMS Net ID, port and I'm connecting with the driver succesfully. It also reads all necessary variables. But when I'm trying to save the variables, which I added, I receive the "Unhandled exception" alert:

    An unhandles exception has occured, an error file has been written. Please send the detailed description of the actions performed which lead to this error-message including the errorfile:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COPA-DATA\zenon622\beckhtc32.txt
    and a backup of your zenOn project to your local zenOn representative.

    Unfortunately, currently I do not have an access to both: mentioned txt file and my project, but I tried the same operation on two computers and I have this error in the same place every time.

    What could cause this error during the variables download?

    My Zenon version is 6.22 SP1.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Majek,

    I don't know what causes the driver to close on importing the variables in your situation. However I do have some suggestions for you that may help.

    - try the offline import of the twincat project instead of online browsing from the PLC

    - use the beckh_ng driver instead of the beckhoff tc ads driver. The beckh_ng driver replaces the beckhoff tc ads driver, and it is recommended to use this driver for new projects.

    - update to the latest zenon version, zenon 7.00. You can convert your existing project

    For any information how to obtain the latest zenon version please contact your local COPA-DATA representative.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Unhandled exception during variables download

    Hi Mark,

    thank you for your answer. According to your instructions I've tried to use the beckh_ng driver instead of beckhoff tc ads driver. There is a slight problem - in tc ads driver I have a "Browse" card in the driver configuration, but in ng this card doesn't exist! Therefore, I cannot try to download variables online from the PLC. Is there any option to perform the online import using beckh_ng driver?

    I have though possibility to import variables offline and by offline I mean download from my *.tpy file, which is Beckhoff PLC project. Is that what you meant? In this case variables are imported correctly, but how can I link them with the actuall variables in CX now? By browsing the PLC online this is obvious, but in this case how can I link those?

    Update to the 7.00 version is not an option now for us.

    I attach error screenshot and the mentioned log file - maybe it will be helpful. Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,
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    Hi Pawel,

    The screenshot shows the beckhBC driver, which again is another Beckhoff driver. For your CX1020, you can use the beckhoff TC ADS driver, or the Beckhoff NG driver, where I would recommend using the latest Beckhoff NG driver.

    The Beckhoff NG driver offers the import of the .tpy file, which is the TwinCAT project. You can configure in TwinCAT the symbols and the .tpy file configuration, and specify what parts of your project will be included here.

    I don't quite understand your question how you should link the offline imported variables to your CX? Did you check the driver help for the Beckh_NG driver?

    You create a connection in the driver by specifying the AMS Net ID, and then import the variables from the TwinCAT project to this connection.

    Best regards,

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