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    Is there way to show measure values in recation matrix? For example, a measured value will only be send when a fault happen and this value i have to show in event list?

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    I suppose you want to show something like Fault distance or something.
    I think you can do it in reaction matrix or with a Limit.
    Create a limit for the variable you want to show. Make the limit to show in event list when value is >0.
    In Text field you should use "Dynamic text" to show the value. You should write something like this:

    $The value of the variable is ;; in kilometers

    The $ shows it is Dynamic text and the ;%variable; is automatically replaced by the value.
    I am trying to use this to show Fault distance in the alarm/event viewer and i am going to test this tomorrow. Tried this today with boolean value and it works. I also am not sure if you can do this in a reaction matrix or only in Limits.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    I wanted to show primary fault current and once it is triggered from the relay it should show the value in the event/alarm list. I will try what you mentioned above tomorrow. How about that boolean value? Where should i do this?

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    No no, the boolean value was a variable i did for testing. Try this with the needed value.

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    I tried using limits but it doesn't work. It doesn't shows the actual value after %, instead it shows the variable name. Any ideas?

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    In the Runtime the dynamic limit text can be displayed only in the Alarm Message List, Chronologic Event List and/or the alarm status bar.

    In screen element "Dynamic text" the dynamic limit text cannot be displayed with enclosed value - you will see the string as you entered in the Editor - thus with variable name.

    Or maybe you just made a typing mistake in the variable name, forgot one semicolon, placed an excessive space char etc?
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    Thank you. It works.. Missed one semicolon. I will try this is in rema.

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