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Thread: How to trigger a function when a variable changed?

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    denver Gast

    Default How to trigger a function when a variable changed?

    We have a application for monitoring a key variable's changing and this variable has the int datatype.
    When this variable's value changed, system should switched to the predefined screen. I try to do using the limit part for variable, but failed.
    So how to realize this function? Thanks!

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    Default Re: How to trigger a function when a variable changed?

    Hi denver.

    I would recommend using a reaction matrix for this purpose. Using the limits the function is only executed when the configured limit is violated, but not necessarily every value change.
    By using a reaction matrix you can react on each change of the value. You can also define multiple states if needed. In the rema you can then link your screenswitch function and additionaly you could also create an entry in the alarm message list.

    You will find more detailed information on how to use reaction matrixes in the variable section in the zenon help!

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