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Thread: Project compilation from VBA

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    Please help.

    I have to compile my SCADA-project from VBA-macro in Editor mode.
    I tried to do this with a method described below ( I've found this method in the SCADA help).
    But it doesn't work and falls out with error 748 "Method or property is not valid in this type of project"

    The method:

    What have I to do to?

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    Please try with this for compiling runtime files for the currently active project in the editor:

    Sub compile()
    MyWorkspace.ActiveDocument.Build (tpIncremental)
    End Sub

    If you need to compile other projects as well, you need to access the projects via the GUID, and maybe need to load them first, if the option "keep project in memory" is not active.

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    Default Re: Project compilation from VBA

    Thank you very much!!!

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    I am using Zenon V6.51 and opened a workspace. It was successful until when I do create Runtime Files and there was a message:

    The simulation project of driver '3S_ARTI_NG' - '3S_Arti_NG' is not compiled. Therefore it cannot be used! Please compile the project in the Workbench.

    I tried to open the configuration of the driver 3S_Arti_NG and it did not open/work.

    (The driver 3S_Arti_NG, ArtiClient.dll, and SymArtiClient.dll has already been copied to the installation folder of my COPADATA).

    What shall I do with this problem? How to solve it?

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    Unless you are actually using the programmed simulation, you can ignore the warning message in the output window during compiling zenon runtime files.

    This basically says that for this driver a program for the programmed simulation exists, but it was not compiled in the workbench.

    When you have the correct articlient.dll and symarticlient.dll, and you have put them in the same directory as the 3S_ARTI_NG.EXE, than you normally should be able to open the driver configuration!

    Best regards,

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