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Thread: i can't open the demo

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    Default i can't open the demo

    i use the zenon651.then a little day ago i have found the demo is useless.when i click a screen it can't display,then i found the frame lost.why?can i get the copy of demo?
    i need your help

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    In case of the demo project, the frames for each of the local projects are in the global project. If the global project is not in your workspace, the screen does not find the template and cannot be opened.

    Please check if you still have the global project in your workspace. If not, you can try and insert the global project called "COPA-DATA_GLOBAL" (right click on the workspace in the project manager, select "insert existing project")

    Alternatively, you can restore the workspace backup of the demos from the zenon DVD, (\setup\DEMOS\RT\DEMOS651.wsb) howver if you have made changes to any of the demo projects, these will be lost.

    This is also your option if you have accidentally deleted the COPA-DATA_GLOBAL project.

    I hope this helps!

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    Daumen hoch Re: i can't open the demo

    thanks ,mark,i get it

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