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    1 I am working on the Sicam 230 editor and trying to read the system time into AK 1703 PLC with the help of 'write time to variable ' function but to read this value in the PLC i have make that images in the TOOLBOX II's OPM image editor for sicam 230 and the CAEx Plus in that i am not able to take the String variable.Please help me out.
    2) Can you Please give some file which shows step to make the REPORTS and TRENDS actually i am working on this for first time and from the help files i am not able to make out easily.Please help in this.

    Sayyed Imran

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    Hi Sayyed Imran,

    Thank you for the post and welcome to the forum

    I'm afraid that in regard to Toolbox II and OPM, Siemens specific functionality to Sicam230, I cannot be of much help. It is best if you contact Siemens energy support for Sicam230, directly.

    Regarding the trend and the reports, I'm not sure what your goals are. Wether you would like to try things out and make a simple example, or if you have to make an actual project. In the last case, I would recommend considering visiting a training to make most use of Sicam230.

    While both the report generator and the extended trend will work with online values, in most cases you have an historian as a basis, that provides the data to display in the trend and the report.

    So your starting point should probably be the archvies in the historian, define what you need to display in your trend and report, and specify the archive configuration, with base archive and following archives accordingly.

    Best regards,

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