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Thread: Login with custom keyboard screen

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    Default Login with custom keyboard screen

    I am using zenon 6.51 SP0. My zenon project will be later used on a Vipa panel with windows CE. The panel has no keyboard that's why I have created a screen of type keyboard (with its own frame) to replace the real one. Then, placed some control elements on it, including ESC and ENTER buttons. I named my keyboard screen DIALOGKBD.
    I have also created my own login screen (also with its own frame).
    Custom login screen work fine when I test it on my laptop. However, when testing I use laptop's keyboard to type in user ID and PASSWORD. I have also tested my keyboard screen on changing the values of string and numeric variables.
    The problem is that when I try to type in the user ID and password using my keyboard screen ESC and ENTER buttons do not work. When I press ENTER the keyboard screen does not close, the same is with ESC button. Does anybody knows how to fix this problem?
    I have also tried to use OK and CANCEL buttons. CANCEL button works fine. OK button closes the keyboard screen, however the value is not transferred.

    I have also noticed that when I use keyboard screen to change the value of a variable, then the field to where the value is typed has focus automatically when keyboard window is opened. But when I try to set user ID during login, the field is not active, so I have to activate it by pressing it and only then type user ID or PASSWORD. How can the input field of the keyboard screen obtain focus automatically, when it is opened for setting e.g. user ID during login?

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    You can try and link the "ok" button of the "login" screen with the keyboard shortcut for the "enter" key. This way after pressing "enter" also on the on-screen keyboard, the "ok" button will be executed.

    Regarding focus, please search the forum on "set focus" "set focus on template". You should find some posts how to set the focus on a frame / template, set the screen element order and how to use a button linked with the keyboard shortcut "tab" to execute the function "set focus"

    Best regards,

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