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    I have a project in Zenon 6.51 SP0. And I have some variables of type REAL declared (VIPA32 driver). However, I do not have Vipa PLC to test my project, so I am using straton for this purpose. I made my zenon variables Externally Visible. So when I open the straton project, I can see those variables there as well. Then I added those variables to the spy list. Then, when I start zenon runtime, straton runtime starts automatically. When I change the values of the variables inside the spy list, I would like to see them change also in the zenon runtime. But they do not change and always display their default values. Can anybody tell me how to do that? The VIPA32 driver is configured to be in simulation (programming) mode.

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    One additional step that you need to do is, add the "straton to zenon runtime connection" IO driver in your straton project.

    Simply open the Fieldbus configuration, add the driver. Compile your straton project, and start the runtime

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    By the way, another way of testing this, is by using the programmed driver simulation. See the online help for more information.

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