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Thread: Can zenon handle 800,000-word-tags?

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    Default Can zenon handle 800,000-word-tags?

    I sent my system layout to a few days ago, but still haven't received yet.

    By the way, my question is ' Can zenon communicate 1600 words each Omron PLC through OMRON FINS driver, it has 500 PLCs. so I'm wondering wheather zenon can communicate 800,000-word-tags reliably, simultatneously, and constantly??

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    Hi sunnamkung,

    Welcome to the forum I hope have received a reply from your local COPA-DATA support by now.

    Generally, zenon can handle 800.000 tags no worries. It is probably best to discuss your exact needs with your local support, as to what is the best configuration for your needs.

    For example in terms of redundancy, multiple servers and number of projects, number of drivers, connections per driver, and what you plan to do with the data in terms of display on clients, in trend graphs, use of historian etc.


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