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    I've a VIPA touch Panel and I need to add an authorization level to make some commands secure. So, when I push one command button the Zenon window "Login" appears for inserting the security password.
    Now I've two problem:
    1. The language in the login windows is only in german language.
    2. I' haven't a keyboard to insert the password. I need the keyboard displayed on the touch panel but I don't know how it can be activated.

    How can I solve these problems?

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    The zenon runtime on a Windows CE terminal uses the language setting in the file "zenon6.ini" that is located in the same directory as the zenonrce.exe.

    This language is set during initial installation of the zenon runtime onto the windows CE terminal. In your case, the runtime may come pre-installed. You can either re-install the zenon runtime, when you have all appropriate components installed on your PC (updateCE from the zenon editor), or you can change the language manually, provided that additional language .dll files are available on the CE terminal.

    In the zenon6.ini file on your CE terminal (use e.g. notepad on the Windows CE temrinal to open the file) you should be able to seen an entry like this:


    This makes the runtime use the file "rgermace.dll"

    If you now want English instead of german, you first need to check if you have also have a "renglice.dll". If you do, simply change the entry to LANGUAGE=ENGLISH, save the file, and restart your zenon runtime.

    In regard to the keyboard, in the project properties, in the runtime settings, you can activate a setting "automatic touch screen keyboard".

    I hope this helps

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    Thank you very much. You gave me a great help.

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    I've come back from the future to report that keyboards still don't change based on chosen language.
    having to do it YOUR way!

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