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Thread: MouseOver fonction

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    Have you any exemple of MouseOver fonction ?
    I just want to switch between "graphic file" and "graphic file down" in a button, when the cursor comes in the button and switch again when the cursor goes out the button : just like in a browser...
    Is it possible to affect the fonction directly to a symbol ?
    Sorry for my English.
    Thanks by advance.

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    Default AW: MouseOver fonction


    sorry for the delay we are looking at unanswered forum questions right now and yours was one of them - sorry for that.

    For the others who will find this question as well as for you too if you haven't answered it yourself, I'll write how I would deal with it:

    one way how you could do this would be with a combined element. There is only one problem: the MouseOver event will not help you determining when the mouse cursor has left the element again. What you could do would be to use the DynPictures.ElementMouseOver event to determine if your mouse cursor is over an element and leaves it again as the obElement parameter in your event handler is going to be Nothing if no element is under the cursor.

    One way to achive it with the ElementMouseOver event would be to use a combined element that has a boolean variable linked to it and has two states - one for "no MouseOver" and one for "MouseOver".

    In your code, you then check for the element underneath your cursor and set the variable for the corresponding element if you are pointing at it with your mouse cursor.

    However, this only works since version 7 if my mind does not play tricks on me. Another thing: this is going to create a lot of events. You will have to determine if performance is good enough for you if you use a lot of elements where you will use this behaviour.

    best regards,

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    Ehm well this is a bit late but I've made a mouse over function.

    Here's the thread:

    Sith Lord @ Omexom Sweden

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