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Thread: Return using VBA and VSTA

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    Here`s my problem: return to last in 2 projects

    I`ve tried to use the system variables "last open screen" and to edit project.ini to work with templates from subproject (ZURUECK_SCHABLONEN=_frame1,_suframe1,). But it didn`t help me. I see, that "last open screen" from main project displays templates only from main project. I tried different ways, but last open screen doesn`t work.

    So I tried to solve the problem using VBA and VSTA (see the attachment). It`s a great work for me to write this codes, because I`m not programmer, I`m just engineer. Please help me to solve my problem.

    What I think I should to do (see the attachment):
    1) I have 2 system variables, first last_open_screen1 from main project and the second - from subproject.
    2) In VSTA is the Public Sub Storing and Operating array X. This Sub stores first 10 names of screen exactly, as they go in runtime. It will be different order of opened screens from main and sub project. Then when all 10 values have stored, Sub begins to rewrite X1..10 with new values.
    3) When I click in the runtime on graphic element "return to last", I call the VBA macro LeftDClick. This macro starts the Public Sub LeftClick in VSTA. This Sub openes previous screen and skews the values in the array X.

    So it`s the decision, that I can see. I have a little programming experience. What pitfalls has this decision? May be you can show me some examples or much more easier ways?
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    Just wanted to ask wether you have received a solution for either this question or the original issue, through a ticket from your local COPA-DATA support, or wether this is still pending?

    Best regards,

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    local Copa-data gives me some advices, but they don`t work. So I just don`t use return to last in my project..

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