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Thread: Strange Error while filling Rema

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    Default Strange Error while filling Rema


    I have a VBA-Wizard which fills a Rema with content from an excel sheet. First it reads the content into an array. Afterwards it should write the content form the array into the Rema, but that is when the error occures:

    "Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)':

    Method 'ClassIdx' of object 'IState' failed

    The code in this part of the wizard is:

    rema.StateItem(Index).Status = 16641
    rema.StateItem(Index).GroupIdx = ArrayState(Index).Alarmgruppe
    rema.StateItem(Index).ClassIdx = ArrayState(Index).Alarmklasse

    I tried to access the ClassIdx with a simplified code to check if the problem is somewhere in the rest of the code, but even:

    rema.StateItem(1).ClassIdx = 1

    did just lead to the same error.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Default AW: Strange Error while filling Rema

    First those properties is a so called "DynProperties"
    Second those Dynproperties are called "KlasseIdx" resp. "GruppeIdx"
    -> when exporting the Rema to xml you can see the name of all properties

    'get the alarm class / alarm group of the Rema-State 2
    Debug.Print MyWorkspace.ActiveDocument.Remas.Item("testme").DynProperties("State[2].KlasseIdx")
    Debug.Print MyWorkspace.ActiveDocument.Remas.Item("testme").DynProperties("State[2].GruppeIdx")

    'set the alarm class of the Rema-State 2 to the ID 1
    MyWorkspace.ActiveDocument.Remas.Item("testme").DynProperties("State[2].KlasseIdx") = 1


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