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Thread: How to monitor the variable status on HMI

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    Default How to monitor the variable status on HMI

    Hello, I got a problems during send value from HMI to PLC. The plc can not recieve the value from HMI. I do not know which place has problems. So I want to know how to monitor the variable status on PC or HMI, then i will know the varible status changed or not.

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    By default, the status "INVALID" is shown as a red square at dynamic elements, which normally indicates a PLC communication issue. When you right click in the runtime on a dynamic element that shows this variable, and hold the right mouse for a few seconds, a small popup is shown, that also shows a few status information bits (e.g. SPONTANEOUS, INVALID, ALTERNATE VALUE)

    You can display the status of a variable using e.g. a combi element, with the type "statustext". When you set the option "extend . Or you can monitor the status of a variable, using a reaction matrix.

    You can view some of the variable statusbits in the runtime, when you display the variable in a screen of the type "variable diagnosis", in the column "status".

    But to your original problem, it may be helpful if you tell us which driver that you are using, and which PLC you are using, and why you think there is a communication problem.

    Perhaps the variable in the PLC is set to e.g. "0" every cycle, and you may not notice that the value has been set to "1" in zenon once.

    If you use a standard protocol, you may be able to monitor the communication to see if the zenon driver actually sends the value to the PLC, using e.g. wireshark, or a serial loging tool, like portmon.exe.

    Also, have a look at the logfiles from the diagnosis server. Using the zenon diagnosis viewer, you can open existing logfles, which may show an error, or configure more comprehensive logging, and log online during the set value action.


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