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Thread: Problem of connectivity

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    I am usin zenon v5 on my laptop with windows vista the program runs in editors mode and the problem is that i am usin an usb to serial cable to conect with PLC cable works because i can transfer with that cable in the same computer the plc program but when i start runtime mode i see simbols but my variables are no working why it appears a little dot red in a corner can i do something

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    I was wondering what driver you are using?
    What exact type of adapter do you have?


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    well in the editor mode i went ti driver selection and i select a moller thats my PLC a PS4-200 si i select the last driver, then I config the COM so i am usin COM3 that i Know cause in the software for transfer the program use that COM and transfer very good. but i dont see variables be working or if any button works. that confuse me i have windows vista, but i try the same under e virtual machine with windows XP and the problem its the same

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    I know the program work in another computer that has an integrated RS232 and everything runs good no problem but i want to try in my laptop because its for use it on the presentation of my thesis in the prototipe o made.

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