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Thread: Tooltip length is too short

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    Default Tooltip length is too short


    We want to show our 127-symbol Variable Identification value in tooltips. But tooltip lenght is only 79 symbols.

    Is there any chance to improve this situation in future? I mean to have tooltip length enough to show all Identification content?

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    The maximum length of a standard tooltip is 80 characters (this is not a limitation of just zenon, but any application that uses Microsoft's standard tooltip function).

    There are also multi-line tooltips that do support more characters, but currently zenon uses the standard tooltips for the elements in the runtime.

    I don't know what this would involve if multi-line tooltips would need to be implemented in zenon, instead of the standard tooltips, or if this would technically be an option.

    I recommend you to suggest this enhancement to your local COPA-DATA partner, with some more information why this is helpful.

    Best regards,

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    Hi stolyarov_as,

    Have a look at this thread where an example project has been posted by tsragland, using VSTA to display longer tooltips. (you need 6.51 + a current build)

    custom tooltips using VSTA

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