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Thread: Get Symbol Name from Init menu function

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    Default Get Symbol Name from Init menu function


    I have library symbol with name "CombySymbol1" that contains from one CombyElement with name "Comby1".
    This "Comby1" in runtime properties section linked with context menu element, that runs
    VBA function Init_Menu when selected.
    Also i have some another symbols, with diffrent names that also contains CombyElements which links with same Init_Menu menu object.

    I want to, using VBA-code, determine, what is the symbol name from which menu item was run.

    I try to analyse obElem parameter of Init_Menu function, but all what I can get is the name of comby-element inside symbol (obElem.Name property), and name of menu objects itself (obElem.MenuName).

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    Unfortunately, the symbols itself no longer exist in the zenon runtime. When the runtime files are compiled, the symbols are dissolved into normal elements.

    What you could do, is use another property to identify which combi-element the context menu was called for, e.g. the linked variable. Or you could export a property at the symbol, and change this for each symbol instance.


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