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Thread: Zenon 5.50 Variables with surreal values.

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    Default Zenon 5.50 Variables with surreal values.


    We have Zenon 5.50 connect to Modicon tsx mirco by modbus.

    The project is old but the enterprise is now more big than before. Consequently, Zenon must read more variables, but we have problems. Momentarily, the indicators take a surreal values. We have cuts in graph.

    The department of quality doesn't accept the graphs. We have a lot of cuts.

    The cuts isn't problem of Modicon. The ladder code of Modicon run fine. I write a code with ladder... ( If... %mw2102<2 then put on bit test) The bit test never change.
    It happens with constant variables too.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Zenon 5.50 Variables with surreal values.


    What causes the cuts in your graphs is almost impossible to tell with only the screenshot.

    It is a bit difficult to see from the screenshot, but from what I see is that the "cuts" are not always the same value in the graph.

    First thing I would check is to see if there are any commucation interruptions. One variable that is configured incorrectly can delay the communication and, depending on the configuration, could lead to a gap in the following archive, which in turn could show in a trend graph.

    This is just speculation, there are a number of possible reasons, but this is an obvious one and should be checked first.

    In zenon 5.50 there is no such thing as the diagnosis server, where e.g. communication issues are logged.

    However in 5.50 the driver in the zenon runtime does log communication errors into a text file. Look for a text file or log file in your project directory.


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    Default Re: Zenon 5.50 Variables with surreal values.


    I have searched the log communication errors. We have two networks. Most tags are Tee Modicon but also we have a little network with siemens s7200. I didn't tell it, sorry.

    In the log, there is some errors, but I think that we have other problem. I don't see correlation, the time, of cuts and the logs. I have attached the logs.

    I can't do a lot of tests, because I could lose information.

    We store in 20 files, 200 tags every 5 minutes. Is It a problem? Is It lot of store information?

    We have had the same error for years but recently we had extended with some tags and the error is bigger now. We can see the difference if we compare "old room.jpg" and the moment of add "new room.jpg"

    Thanks you for all, and sorry for my bad english ;-)

    The computer is a dedicate actual pc 2,6Ghz 1Gb Ram Win xp.

    Copa-data has actual drivers for zenon 5.50, modicon and s7-200?? Is there any link for download?

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    Default Re: Zenon 5.50 Variables with surreal values.

    Hi Narcis,

    It is still very hard with just this information to find out what is actually happening. At least in the log files it is visible that there are occasional communication errors. Something that can be due to known network- or power interruptions, or due to incorrectly configured variables, or other reasons.

    The timestamps of the interruptions do not necessarily need to match the "gaps" in your chart, when you are using following archives, however it does look a bit strange.

    I think it may be best to contact your local COPA-DATA support, and send them a backup of your project, including the runtime data (archived values), for them to check. Please check the website to find out your local COPA-DATA support. You may also try and contact the vendor of your system, to see if they offer any support.

    Regarding your question about the amount of data, this is certainly not too much! 200 analog values, saved every 5 minutes, over a time period of 1 year, takes about 500 MB on the disk in zenon version 6.51 (in 5.50 this is even less). Depending on how your archive is configured this value may vary, and you may not even keep the archive files for 1 year but automatically delete them after e.g. 1 month. Also, depending on your configuration, the runtime does not read all that 500 MB when viewing e.g. only the last month.

    Regarding your question about the drivers, zenon has a variety of drivers, which are all installed with the zenon runtime / zenon editor. This is not something you can download seperately or "update" seperately.

    If you would not have drivers on your PC, your runtime would not be communicating to the PLCs, and you would not have found the error log files.


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