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Thread: Straton on RTU32 and Zenon

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    bjoerndavid Gast

    Default Straton on RTU32 and Zenon

    I am trying to establish a connection between Straton running on RTU32 from Brodersen and Zenon with Modbus TCP. It works on 16bits integer dataword. But when trying on bit-level, it does not work. Is Zenon supposed to handle bits in Modbus TCP? And if so, how I am to do the setup in Straton/Zenon? I use Zenon as the client and Straton as the server.

    Bjoern David

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    If you are talking about Modbus, there is always one master and one or more Modbus slaves. The zenOn Modbus RTU / TCP driver is always the master on the bus, and can handle coils, inputs, input registers, holding registers etc. with different datatypes, including boolean variables. Of course, the modbus slave (the STRATON runtime on the RTU32 in this case) must provide this information!

    If you want zenOn to act as a modbus slave, you would need the zenOn process gateway - modbus slave.

    This module, which needs to be licensed additionally, will provide a modbus slave for all variables inside zenOn. So if you have a zenOn runtime, which communicates to one allen bradley and one siemens PLC, you can make variables from these PLCs available for other applications (Modbus Masters) through holding registers in the zenOn process gateway - Modbus slave.

    There are also other protocols for the zenOn process gateway, including DNP3 slave, IEC60870-5 101 / 104 slave, (zenOn 6.22) DEC (unix), OPC DA 2.0, and SQL.

    Please find more information in the documentation of the zenOn process gateway, or in the documentation of the Modbus RTU / TCP driver.

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