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    The required archiving cyclic scan time is ten seconds for the extended trends. But in the report we need to display the values of the parameters logged every half an hour. Is there a way to achieve this type of archiving without creating two separate archives with different cyclic scan time?
    Also could you tell me the functionality of the "following archive" option under the historian?


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    The following archive is exactly used for this purpose. While you can view your trend data from the basic archive (every 10 seconds scanning), you can create a following archive that takes one average value, one minimum and one maximum, from the past half hour of the basic archive with the 10 second values.

    So you would have an average value every 30 minutes build automatically from 180 values from the basic archive.

    The frequency how often an average vaue is inserted into the following archive, is defined by the saving cycle (not scanning) of the basic archive.

    The online help offers quite a comprehensive explanation about data reduction and following archives!


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