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Thread: Operating System Shutdown throw Zenon

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    yara Gast

    Default Operating System Shutdown throw Zenon

    Hello Support,

    Is there any why to shut down the operating system throw Zenon, i have one digital input, i need to shut down the windows after 20 mints if the value of this digital input changed from "0" to "1".

    Thanks in advance.

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    zenon does not directly has a feature or function to shutdown the operating system.

    However you may find plenty of little programs with an internet search, that do just that, or you may be able to write your own little Windows script. It may even be possible using VBA in zenon by calling a Windows API function.

    You can use a limit or reaction matrix with a delay of 1200 seconds, and e.g. link the zenon function "start program", to call the program that shuts down the computer.

    Please make sure that the program you use does a proper shutdown and gives the zenon runtime time to close regularly.

    When using a hard power off, this could lead to inconsistencies and issues in the runtime.

    Best regards,

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