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Thread: Zenon 6.51 installation

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    Default Zenon 6.51 installation

    Dear Support

    When I try to install zenon 6.51 after few second I got error message. error screen shot is attached. Please advise me how to solve this problem. My operating system is window server 2008 i already disable firewall and disconnect the system with network
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    With only this screenshot as information, it is hard to tell what is actually causing this.
    The Windows error reporting message does not exactly state which application faulted.

    It seems however, that already a zenon version is installed? (according to the licensing icon on the desktop and the codemeter runtime icon in the taskbar)

    With the "testconnection" utility, (link in the "installation" forum) you can gather more information about the (failed) installation, and send the file that is generated ( to your local COPA-DATA support for further assistance on this issue.

    Best regards,

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