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    For our plants we have some efforts to show data in a table like the ms flexgrid activeX. The source could be variables out of PLC's or a database. The amount of colums and rows should be adjustable while editing. If the entries will be too much (at the runtime) a scrollbar should be activated. Features like sorting should be possible.

    To get an impression i give you the following example:

    We want to have a scanner statistic where we have colums like Name, amount of readings, amount of no reads, no reads in percentage. This list should be sortable by clicking on the headlineentry of the specific column.

    How can we solve this issue?

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    zenon offers several different screen types, like an alarm list or event list, that can be created with a few simple clicks. One of these screen types, "variable diagnosis", allows for a tabular display of selectable variables, with value and timestamp, that can be sorted and filtered.

    When this built-in screen does not fit your specific needs, zenon also offers the possibility to develop your own tabular display, using a number of different methods, which include user .NET controls and ActiveX controls.


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