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    Dear Support

    I Have 6.22 And I Upgrate It To 6.51 Version But The Zenon Opc Server In Dcom Setting Is Not Upgrated. I Reinstall Opc Component In Cd Folder Addition Software But Still Version Is Not Change , Please Guid Me.
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    Please note, that we do not recommend using OPC over DCOM nor do we provide support on how to configure DCOM settings in order to use the zenon OPC server over the network, nor do we guarantee this functionality.

    What you can try is, unregister the zenon OPC server and register the zenon OPC server again.

    To do this, first make sure the runtime is closed and the OPC server is no longer runnig (also check that there is no OPC Client that tries to connect / start the OPC server)

    Then, open a command prompt with administrator rights and executing the following commands from the zenon 6.51 installation directory:

    zenopcsrv -unregsrv

    zenopcsrv -regsrv

    If there is no error message, unregistration and registration should be successsful. You can use a local OPC test client, to see the version of the zenon OPC server.


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