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Thread: Send command to RTU

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    How can I send command to RTU using IEC-870-104 protocol? Do you have any examples?

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    shortly: you must create a command variable (e.g. with T45 for single-command or T46 for double-command) with the COA and IOA as the RTU expects. And then you set value 0 or 1 to the variable (or better - you use zenon module Command Input to process it).

    details: what about zenon Energy training? Energy is a complex topic and the IEC60870 Standard is a sophisticated communication protocol. IMHO it is something one needs more as few questions and answers on a Forum.

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    Hello I wil ask some question about command input.I crated a command group and i selected this command group from variable. when i compile the project there is an error on output window the variable which i selected can not be determine .after that if I pair any reaction matrix with this variable. there is no problem. i wonder that relation of the reaction matrix and command input.maybe there is small detail

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    It may depend on the version that you are using. In earlier versions a limit text for the direction was required, and this was obtained through the reaction matrix.

    In later versions you can still use the reaction matrix, but a standard direction text for ON / OFF is used when no reaction matrix is linked.

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