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Thread: IP-address variable

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    Default IP-address variable


    I have a problem with displaying of the variable. It`s an IP address of the device. On OPC-server this variable is string data type. In zenon I choose also string data type. But variable displays as "6" , not as actual IP-address.

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    Default Re: IP-address variable

    did you check the stringlengt of the variable in zenon.
    By default it is set to 5. maybe it need to be increased?


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    Default Re: IP-address variable


    I checked the string length. It is 65535.

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    Default Re: IP-address variable

    What zenon Version do you use?

    What zenon element do you use, where this zenon string variable is linked to?

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    Zenon version is 6.51 SP0
    I use element Dynamic text with displaying of text from variable value.
    When I use element Numerical value, get 0, which is not correct too.

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    Try to make a MDI picture of type "variable diagnosis"and add the zenon string variable we are speaking of.
    This is a possibilitie to see the value of a zenon variable without the use of any other element.
    What does the value of the zenon string variable is in the "variable diagnosis" picture?

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    I made this pic. Please look at screenshot in the attachment.
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    Click the button "Refresh actual values on" to get the current value!

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    Default Re: IP-address variable

    Ok! Please check the attachment.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails var_diagn_ver02.bmp  

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    Expand the columns "Actual value" and "Set value" in a way an IP fit in.
    Enter a IP adress in "Set value" and click the button ".....write set value"

    Does the actual value change and what does the element shows?

    If this works the representation side is ok, then there is the question why the variable contains not the IP address as you expect.
    So the communication side must be investigated.

    Is this really an text on the PLC side?
    From OPC Server I know that for each variable they offer all datatypes(canonical) no matter of the actual value on the PLC.
    Most interessting is what value comes through the communication line.
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