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    Help me please with my challenge.
    I have project on 2 monitors. I have written macro mouse over, that calls function to open pic. When I remove mouse out this object, pic is still open of course.
    What ways could I use to close pic on the mouse out the object?
    May be should I use timer for function that will close pic in this macro "mouse over" or something like that? Could you please give me some examples of code?


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    tobiassedlmeier Gast

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    you could draw e.g. an invisible button underneath the object with the mouse over event. The invisible button is a little bit bigger than the other element. On the invisible button you make a mouse over event where you close the pic again.
    I tried it and it worked fine.

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    Thank you for advice!

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    this way pic closes. But if mouse is over object, function works in macro "mouse over" constantly. I mean, pic openes and values update constantly. What should I do to open pic with using this macro one time?

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    tobiassedlmeier Gast

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    That's right. If you move the mouse over the element, the mouse over event will be fired every time. But you can link a screen active Variable to the PopUp window in zenon. (This is a Bool variable which gets the value 1 if the screen is open). In the VBA script the first thing you do is to look if the value is 0 then you open the screen, if the value is 1 you don't do anything. If the screen is closing with the other event, the variable gets the value 0 automatically.

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    I wrote code, but it doen`t work.
    What`s wrong?

    Public Sub MouseOver_OverDevice(obElem As Element, vPosX As Variant, vPosY As Variant)
    Dim zVariables As Variables
    Dim zVariable As Variable

    Set zVariables = thisProject.Variables
    Set zVariable = zVariables.Item("var_open_pic_device")

    If zVariable = 0 Then
    thisProject.RtFunctions.Item("f_popup_device").DynProperties("PictSwitch[0].Monitor") = "0"
    End If

    End Sub

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    Guess what's wrong:

    However have one another problem
    When I bind a button to the function, which openes the pic in macro mouse over - the pic appeares mouse point relaitive. But if I use mouse over event for opening this pic, it appeares on the left top of the window.

    How can I open the pic mouse point relaitive using VBA macro?

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