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Thread: SNMP connectivity

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    I'm unable to read varaible using SNMP.
    I'm getting the small red square on the corner of my numeric value element.

    I tested connectivity with device and created the variable (simple variable not a trap) using Browse Agent function, so I know OID is correct and that the device can be reached via SNMP
    I tested password and both V2 and V1 are enabled on my device.

    Using DiagViewer I'm getting the following:
    GET Error: errorStatus=2, errorIndex=1 oid=., specified. usadress=1 Error=0x0

    Win 7 32bit, Zenon 6.50

    Any suggestions?

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    Depending on your settings in the driver configuration, either the variable name or the variable identification is used for communication. Alternatively, the offset at the variable is used, when you are using the local allocation file.

    When you use e.g. Wireshark, you should be able to see the request by the driver to "GET" the OID, and see the GET response by the device.

    Click image for larger version

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    In the case of the screenshot, the GET response was OK and contained the value (error status 0 (noError))

    In your case, the errorstatus is 2 - noSuchName, which basically means that the driver requested from the device an OID that the device does not (or no longer) have in it's MIB.

    Depending on the device, the OIDs in the MIB may change, or may be available or unavailable, depending on e.g. wether a network cable is plugged or unplugged.

    So I suggest to check again, or try with an OID in the device that is always available. (e.g. system description)

    Browsing variables from the driver uses the same command as polling (reading) the variable in the runtime. ("GET")

    Browsing uses "GETNEXT" to get all OIDs, until no further are returned or the maximum is reached.


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