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Thread: Popup menu. In CEL list

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    Default Popup menu. In CEL list

    Is it possible to connect popup menu to Cel control List object.CELs enties list object
    Maybe somebody know how to connect menu to cels or alarm list picture list object.

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    The zenon context menu cannot be used with the event list entries.

    However, you do have options that may not be obvious immediately, to access information depending on the selected entry in the list.

    When you declare a global varialbe WithEvents of the type "Cel" in the runtime, and set this to the "Cel" of "thisproject" on startup, you get an event "CelListSelectionChanged" each time the selection is changed in the event list, and with the event comes an object of the type "CelItem" that contains all information about the selected event in the event list.

    Using a button in the chronologic event list screen, you can e.g. display additional information about the event, or call a help page, or offer other options depending on your demands.


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