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Thread: Combi Element Test Mode Issue

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    Default Combi Element Test Mode Issue

    In 6.51 SP0 version of ZenOn we have noticed that in Editor for Comby Elements with Type Of Display = Symbols From Library test mode does not work.
    If we use Type of Display = Graphic file and screen symbol test mode works ok.
    In runtime both cases work ok.
    As we can remember in 6.50 both cases worked ok in Editor test mode also.
    Is this bug or we doing something wrong?

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    Default Re: Combi Element Test Mode Issue

    this is an already known issue and is scheduled to be fixed.
    Currently it can not be estimated when this will be done.

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    Default Re: Combi Element Test Mode Issue

    Hello, support team.

    More then two years gone but problem is still here (In 7.10 Build7700 at least).
    Is there some news about when test mode of symbol will be fixed?

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