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Thread: Problem with Message Control

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    nmblanquart Gast

    Default Problem with Message Control


    We are experiencing a problem with the Message Control on ZenOn 6.51 SP0 Build 5 Runtime. The host station uses Windows XP.
    When the Message Control is active, the whole application crashs when the system is trying to send SMS or phone calls, even if there is only one call or one SMS launched at the time. The mouse click seems deactiveted, we can not click on the buttons, but all the other values, caught by the other drivers like IEC61850, BeckhNG, SNMP or OPC are still refreshed.
    The only solution found is to kill the ZenMsgSrv.exe process, in order to be able to control and click on the ZenOn Runtime project.
    We tried to change the whole hardware solution : computer, SMS-GSM modem, but this bug still remains.

    As the bug is partly solved by killing this process, these questions came to my mind :
    Does the main ZenOnRT process is idling while the ZenMsgSrv is active?
    Can the ZenMsgSrv.exe process bug if there is a long queue for the messages to send?

    The wierdest thing is that it is appearing from time to time, sometimes there are no problems, sometimes there are. And it seems due to the Message Control.

    Tranks for answering,

    N. M. Blanquart

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    As this seems to be a sporadic issue, it may be difficult to determine the cause.
    The best thing to do probably, is to contact your local COPA-DATA support.

    The zenmsgsrv.exe is the service that actually sends the messages, on behalf of the runtime after a "send message" function is executed.

    When this situation occurs, does the mouse cursor in runtime still change?

    Do you ever start the editor on this PC, while the runtime is running? Starting the editor on the PC where the runtime is running, and accessing the message control configuration in the editor, may lead to problems.

    Best regards,

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    nmblanquart Gast

    Default Re: Problem with Message Control

    The cursor does not change when we are pointing at a button or something else, it is always an arrow.
    Actually, there is only the ZenOn Runtime running on this computer. The Editor is on another computer that updates the project using the distant connexion. And the RT is closed every time we are updating.
    But this point of view lead me to another question. As we use the ZenOn function "Visualize Recipient Database", which allows the user to modify the Message Control database while in runtime mode (like the Editor can do), can it make the whole messaging function bug?
    We always save the new entered datas and close the "Recipient window" before sending an SMS-GSM call. It should left the database to the program, so it can read it.

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    Default Re: Problem with Message Control


    I'm not aware of any issues with showing / editing the recipient database, prior to sending a message, however I cannot rule it out either.

    Is there any particular reason that you always show/edit the recipient database, prior to sending a message?

    The normal principle of messagecontrol is that it works unattended. Meaning if there is an alarm, a message is automatically sent to the defined recipient, group or shift.


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    nmblanquart Gast

    Default Re: Problem with Message Control


    We do not always show the reciepent database, however, it must be edited once a week. One of the reciepent is changing every week, so we have to update the database.

    I will try to recreate the bug on another computer, from an empty project, just with the message control activated. The computers' configuration are different, so, if the test seems ok, it will allow to know where the problem is.

    Thanks for your answers, I will keep this post updated for the test's results.


    N.M. Blanquart

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    nmblanquart Gast

    Default Re: Problem with Message Control

    Hello again,

    After a month of tests on the Message Control service, I noticed some strange behaviors on the ZenMsgSrv process, and several bugs.

    Firstly, when I send messages or phone calls from ZenOn, the ZenMsgSrv.exe process grows everytime an action occur. For example : when a phone call is acknoledged, it can gain a bit more than 100ko. The process starts with 8Mo of RAM, but can end up to 12Mo or more. I know 12Mo of RAM is nothing compared to the actual sizes of processors, but it seems abnoral.
    • Is this behavior normal? Because it really looks like a memory leak.
    • How does the process work wih ZenOn, precisely?

    Sometimes, we noticed that 2 ZenMsgSrv.exe processes are activated at the same time. Phone calls continue to work properly but the SMS-send function does not.
    • Is this bug is related to having two zenmsgsrv processes?

    Thank you for answering these questions.


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    Default Re: Problem with Message Control


    I would recommend contacting your local COPA-DATA support to have these issues investigated.

    Best regards,

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