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Thread: Reset the controller?

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    Default Reset the controller?

    When I have downloaded the firmware with straton, can I also work with the LEGO software?

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    No, the straton firmware can only run with straton programs.

    But you can very easy change back to the original LEGO firmware and do work with the LEGO software again.
    With the Firmware downloader in the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 software (is included in LEGO brick set 8547) you also get the LEGO firmware file. You download it the same way as the straton firmware.

    Only you need to set the mindstorms controller to firmware download mode. To do so, you need to push the reset button and the orange button of your controller together for at least 5 seconds. start the controller with the orange button, it is then in firmware load mode.

    see the picture attached where to find the reset button.

    Attention!!! once you have started the controller in firmware loader mode you must download a firmware. If the firmware was downloaded the controller starts again in normal mode.
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