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Thread: Picture migration to fit widescreen monitor

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    fblanco Gast

    Default Picture migration to fit widescreen monitor

    About two years ago, I implemented a visualization solution for a client using zenOn 6.22. The SCADA system consists of a main PC workstation, and a touchpanel running WinCE. Both devices display the same pictures, the touchpanel scaling down the pictures to fit them on its smaller screen.

    We recently updated the system to zenOn 6.51, the touchpanel still running version 6.22, as it did not meet the minimum requirements for 6.51. Our client now wants to add a second monitor to the main workstation.

    Something important came to our attention while planning for this second display: the monitor that is currently in operation, is an old, 'narrow-screen' (non wide-screen) LCD. All dealers in our region now sell only wide-screen monitors. If we were to add such a second monitor to the workstation setup, the screens would either look stretched and plain awkward, or black stripes would be shown at the sides of this screen.

    No problem. We buy two new displays, and redesign the screens to work on wide-screen displays. But what about the touchpanel? The touchpanel itself does a good job scaling down the resolution from 1280x1024 to 1024x786. But if I modify the screens to look good on a 1900x1080 resolution (16:9 ratio), they will look stetched on the touchpanel.

    Has any of you had previous experience with such a screen / picture migration? Would it be possible to create new screens altogether (for the wide-screens / workstation), and leave the old pictures on the WinCE panel be loaded there instead of the new ones?

    Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!

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    Although this may not help you very much now, version 7 will have a property for each screen "do not adapt elements to screen resolution", that may be helpful in your case.


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    fblanco Gast

    Default Re: Picture migration to fit widescreen monitor

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you very much for your message. I'll be looking forward to zenOn v7.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas,



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    Default Re: Picture migration to fit widescreen monitor

    Hi Felipe,

    thank you. For you also feliz navidad y próspero Año 2012!


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