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Thread: EIB KNX communication

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    seb5167 Gast

    Default EIB KNX communication


    I try to implement a communication bewteen zenon and EIB/KNX network.

    I have 6.22 zenon version and I have the help document about the driver EibV2_32 included in Zenon 6.51.
    In 6.22, the driver is integrated but not the help about.

    In order to configure the communcation, the help mentions ETESVR32.DLL. Even if ETS3 is installed on my PC, the DLL is not present. In addition, this dll is not present on the zenon CD. Where can I find this DLL?

    Is there a more complete procedure or step by step document to implement this kind of communication.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Please contact your local zenon sales representative. You need a seperate CD (article "ZT-FalconRT") that contains the falcon runtime, SQLANY and this file "ETESVR32.DLL" for ETS2 and ETS3.


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