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    I need some help configuring my Zenon Editor in order to have many computers working in the same project. When I tried to open the project in other computers, in the same network as the project server, I get this error :
    "DBCLI:Error CreateLocalProject failed GUID:834876de-a792-4155-a4e6-05d234f4e429_local. Please check the details in the Diagnosis Viewer!" and in the diagnosis viwer I'll get exactlly the same error.

    Any ideas to solve this?
    Thanks in advance


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    The documentation on distributed engineering has some tips about what is required.

    Make sure you have all the required ports configured in your firewall (1103, 1433), or your firewall is off.

    Also make sure, that all SQL server are configured for remote access.

    When you have multiple SQL server instances installed, make sure that the SQL browser service is running.

    All zenon editor need to be of the same version and need to be using the same SQL server version.

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