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    Hi Support,

    Graphics can be made either by linking the images (GIF, Bmp, ...etc) or making the same images by using the built in drawing tools in Zenon Editor. If we are talking about more than 30 pictures handled by the Runtime for any general Project, which option puts more load on CPU, using the external images or making our own?


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    One thing I am aware of that causes a higher CPU load, is animated GIF files. If you use many complex anmiated GIF files in a screen, this causes a higher CPU load.

    However this is not something specific to the zenon runtime, you have the same effect when showing these animated GIF files e.g. in Internet Explorer.

    Other than that, you probably wouldn't really notice the difference between e.g. a .bmp graphic or a vector graphic, when you are not using super high resolution .bmp files.

    Do your concerns involve a particular issue? Or why do you ask?

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    Hi Mark,

    No, I am not facing any specific issue related to this subject, but just wanted to have an idea that if I want to go for the most optimized solution, should I take the headache of creating vector graphics or the ready made graphic images would be fine

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